Westport’s Fine Arts Festival 2020 Artist Terms and Conditions:

  1. Artwork

  • As a juried Fine Arts Festival, all works exhibited must be hand made and created by the artist.

  • The Artist should be present to exhibit and represent their artwork for both days of the two day Art Festival.

  • Bios are required to promote each artist and demos are strongly encouraged.

  • Prints are allowed but must be less than 15% of work exhibited and be clearly marked.

  • No unframed photography on canvas prints.

  • All works must be juried in the category you are applying and intend to exhibit for.

  • Jewelry must be handmade - not mainly imported, manufactured components or strung beads.

  • Please do not show jewelry if you did not jury for that category. No buy/sell is allowed. Violators will be asked to remove unjuried work and will be asked to leave without a refund.

2. Fees

  • Application/jury fee $42.

  • Single booth space: 10’x10’ $472.50.

  • Double booth space: two 10’x10’s - $945.

3. Setting up Booths and Location

  • Each exhibitor is responsible for providing their own display and all exhibit equipment. 

  • Artist Director sends load in instructions with detailed information prior to the event.

  • Displays must be attractive and crowd proof.

  • All tents must be WHITE and properly weighted, please bring your own weights.

  • Canopies are not permitted due to fire lane restrictions. 

  • There can be NO STAKING DOWN.

  • You will be displaying on Town or private property.

  • Please, NO SMOKING near booths. 

  • Set up phases are Friday after 6.00pm (with a hard stop at 10.00pm) and Saturday after 6.00am and your load in slot will be scheduled by the Artist Director who will inform you.  

  • You will be able to park all weekend nearby at Westport Town Hall on Myrtle Avenue and you may wish to bring a hand truck. Town Hall parking includes overnight vehicle parking. 

  • Show hours are 10.00am - 5.00pm both Saturday and Sunday, please attend your booth during these times (cooperative booth sitting to allow breaks is understood!). 

  • The festival’s overall footprint is determined by the Westport Downtown Merchants Association in accordance with the Town of Westport.

  • The festival becomes part of the street scape and booths co-exist alongside sidewalks. curbs, road cambers or parking lots.

  • WDMA requires artists to orient booth displays to harmonize with the permanent merchant community, no solid tent backs facing merchants is mandatory. Specific instructions will be given by the Artist Director in load in information.

  • The assignment of artists to booth spots is determined by the Artist Director.

  • Load in and out operations are managed by the Festival Artist Director and her team.

  • No generators,

  • No reps. 

  • This is a no refund show for all circumstances including but not limited to, weather, unforeseen circumstances or personal. Payment of your booth fee is your irrevocable confirmation of attendance.

  • Security is provided Friday and Saturday nights, however, your booth and possession are left at your own risk. Do not leave valuables in your booth over night.

  • Festival is subject to inspections by Westport Fire Marshall and is monitored during show hours by Fire Watch Deputies as well as Police Officers for public safety.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change.