Refuse Protocol

An area for trash disposal is provided exclusively for paying customers. This area is monitored on a daily basis for upkeep. The following are rules for it’s use.



  • All trash must be in bags
  • All trash is to be put inside the containers
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down
  • All cardboard must be put inside the containers
  • Oversize articles must be broken down and put inside the containers
  • No items are to be left outside of the containers

Extra Large Items

If you have extra large items to be disposed of, please contact us and we will arrange a pickup and inform you of the cost.


Phone: (203) 505-8716


Fines for Abuse

As of January 1, 2017, fines for abuse will be enforced.

  • $25 for the first abuse in 30 days period
  • $100 for each additional abuse

You will be billed monthly for abuses and the Westport Health Department will be notified.